I Surrender All

     When we make a conscious heart filled plea to God to use us, most are surprised that the world seems to come tumbling down around them. Those who are accustomed to being performers are the most susceptible and here is why. When ask God to use us we are not looking at who we are from the right perspective. In most cases when we ask God to use us we are looking at our ability without realizing it is solely about God himself alone working through us. But even beyond this in asking God to use us means we are missing something in our relationship, not that God is holding anything from us but we are missing some sort of revelation. In almost all cases this type of question comes out of not having a sense of ones own value. You may not feel this way but the simple fact is there is nothing more valuable in this physical existence than yourself.  God who is beyond measure in value came to us through his only begotten son Jesus to lay down his life for all of humanity. Many think this is the only reason Jesus came but it is not. Jesus came to restore the relationship between us and our Father as we were lost sons and daughters of God, and Jesus had to die to restore that part of our fellowship, but that is not the only reason he came. In the ministry of Jesus he did not show us who we could become be he shows us who we already are. 

     As yielded willing vessels unto God we are to be a conduit of his grace, mercy and unconditional love. It is all about humility in the kingdom of God and not our will but his. Do not think though that this is about depriving ourselves because to the degree that God has the freedom to rule and reign over your life is to the degree that you will experience his blessing and promises. God moving in you and through you will allow you to experience the quality of life that God has always desired for you. Though as a result of a shift in the way you think what might have held value to you at one point in your life will change to what is truly valuable to God. One of the greatest revelations you can walk in is the day you realize that you have lost any rights because you surrender all your life and die to selfishness. Many that do not experience the joy of the Lord in their lives on a moment by moment basis have never died completely to their self and every time God tries to immerse one in himself because of self they pop right back up like a float in the water. I am not talking about having a lack of desire though but specifically the idea of trying to do things in our own strength without God, where the whole point of this relationship is to rest in Him.

     If you normal personality is already truly humble then for God to get you to be at a place where He can answer your desires will cause less disturbance in your daily life. But if your mentality is basically, “ok God tell me what you need done and I’ll do it”, then you are probably in for a rude awakening. This is why so many Christians struggle in a church that is performance based because that is totally contrary to God. Do not misunderstand God wants and gets results, but it is God that wants to move and not us. Too many times when we ask God to use us and then our world starts to crash we will go to leaders of sorts and get “help” telling us to read more, pray more, give more, help more etc. There is nothing wrong with any of these but the work God is trying to do in your life is to get you at a place of resting in him. The more you try to do then the more you are working against God, who is trying to get you to a place of brokenness where you get the revelation that it is not about you and your ability but it is all about none of you and all of God.

     Surprisingly I was able to make it this far before I wanted to make a correction in our way of thinking. I know that in general most mean well when they say the word use but the reality is our Father does not want to use us. God loves us and to use someone implies that there is something dysfunctional in the relationship. God does not want to use us and his desire is just for us to manifest him in our lives to reach out to others and influence the world just as naturally as breathing. Because we are sons of God then we should just walk as a son and influence the environment around us as sons. Many think in being used that they have made God more pleased with them or have earned something from him but God already is as pleased as he can be and everything he has is ours.

     This is totally the opposite of how things in the world function  so it seems counter intuitive to just naturally do without reward. In the world you do get rewarded for how much effort you personally put into the circumstances in your life. Most people who have acquired great wealth in their lifetime, outside of some believers, have done so because they have sacrificed much of their lives to get the reward. Another way of looking at this is people also try to fulfill the desire God has placed in them through natural means. As a for instance when I look at the profession of a medical doctor I see someone who God’s compassion has touched their heart and they truly want to see people healthy and whole. But outside of God how do you do that? Well they dedicate years of their lives to learn how the body reacts in certain situations to various stimulus and then try to do what they can to influence it to return to normal. Say someone has a heart issue because of a weakness of some type. A doctor then can try to operate and manipulate certain aspects of the heart because they know that once they do what they do it should heal a certain way and function properly. Their desire is to do in the natural what God can instantly accomplish through the spirit. I am thankful for doctors by the way because they give many a second chance to come to the truth about our identities in believing on Jesus.

     In relation to what was just mentioned I wholeheartedly believe that if we were to submit our lives to God and we see healing start to flow in the body of Christ once again that those who desire to be doctors because they want to see people well, which is a desire that God has placed in their hearts, these individuals would be strong in the releasing healing if they were to become believers. I often wonder about Luke, who was a gentile physician and became a believer, in after seeing what Paul had done in healing the sick, not by natural means but by the power of God, how this impacted his life.

     So when we truly want to be used by God, which usually comes from the desires God has already placed in us to experience, we really are just wanting God to be a part of our daily lives in a very active way and we are not to be surprised if a bumpy road lies ahead. Hopefully though in understanding this instead of running around trying to figure out why the sky is falling you, you recognize that there is just an area of your life that you need to let go of having total control over and give it to God. Don’t fight it with the natural reaction of thinking you have to do more but embrace it by learning to let go and totally rest in God.


About Thomas Myers

The one thing I enjoy the most is helping people discover their identity in Jesus. As one starts to see who they really are and why they even exist it is so powerful to see them come to life as the bondage that has tied them down over years of false identity is broken off. It is wonderful to be free of guilt, shame and condemnation and experience unconditional love and a value for ones self that is solid and does not waiver based on circumstances. True liberty can only be found in Christ Jesus. View all posts by Thomas Myers

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