Being Christ like?

Ok I know this may be what many call just a matter of semantics, but since this is one of the purposes of being able to communicate your thoughts online here is my two cents. Lately I have seen several quick little one liners about being like Christ and though I think in most cases I know what they mean it does bring up a good point in the difference in being Christ like versus being like Christ. Now if you are among the vast majority then you probably asked yourself already if there really is a difference and of course the answer is a resounding yes. If one were to try to be like Christ then in an extreme since of this they would probably wear only a robe of sorts and well try to literally impersonate or imitate Jesus so that one thought they were talking to Jesus. But to be Christ like is to have the nature of Jesus manifest through you as you and not you trying to be someone else. When I think of this in a practical and biblical way I look at Paul, aka Saul of Tarsus. Paul was one of the most Christ like people historically depicted in the bible in my opinion. Upon his conversion from Saul to Paul and receiving the revelation that Jesus gave to him personally we never see Paul stop sharing the good news and letting everyone know about our Father. Jesus willingly was driven to reveal the true nature of God our Father to everyone who would listen and we see Paul who was willingly driven to reveal Jesus to everyone as well. Paul also though in the bible had some imitators known as the seven sons of one Sceva who, not by faith but by being Paul like, tried to cast out a demon in one person. In which since this was not by faith, which in essence would be Christ like, their desire had no power and the one demon whooped the seven in that they fled naked and wounded.
I do understand that in some cases when we are Christ like we also will appear to be like Christ, but my point is that I want us to not think about the old slogan “What would Jesus do?” because it is not about the doing but as Jesus said he did nothing but the Father did through him. Just has Jesus told us that we can do nothing on our own but if we abide in him he will do what needs to be done through us. Paul is accredited by many of doing many wonderful works, but he would be the first to tell you that he did nothing of himself but Christ in him and through him by the power of Holy Spirit did all things. And in being humble this way Paul then was Christ like for as we just mention that Christ himself said he did nothing of himself, for he was as a man, but God through him did all things.
This does not mean that we should not do good when we can, but when we do if possible make sure it is God who is glorified and not ones self nor even the works which were done. Paul did many good things that any person could do, but we never see him boasting about nor ever seeking glory for himself but always trying to remain humble so that God would be praised.

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The one thing I enjoy the most is helping people discover their identity in Jesus. As one starts to see who they really are and why they even exist it is so powerful to see them come to life as the bondage that has tied them down over years of false identity is broken off. It is wonderful to be free of guilt, shame and condemnation and experience unconditional love and a value for ones self that is solid and does not waiver based on circumstances. True liberty can only be found in Christ Jesus. View all posts by Thomas Myers

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