Mind Games

For too many centuries we have forgotten that what has caused any separation to occur between God and man is in the mind of man. Paul really opened this up to me in Colossians 1:20 when he wrote, “And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled…” Paul is literally saying that what was done contrary to God’s truth, wicked works, was simply a manifestation of what was believed to be true in their minds, but it was not actually the truth and part of this manifestation of wrong believing was even believing they were enemies of God. The next verse in Colossians then talks about the fact that Jesus had reconciled us back unto our Father and we are without blame or reproof from His point of view. Is it not our beliefs that cause all of our issues?

Look at the very first time man did not believe the truth through Adam. The truth was Adam was the image and likeness of God and lacked nothing. This meant that that everying of Adam was a part of God but it did not mean that all of God wa like Adam in that there was still more to God then just Adam’s portion. Adam believed this not to be true, though they had walked in this fashion every day of their existence, and so they partook of another knowledge gaining sin consciousness. This is how we also know based on scripture that it was the manipulation of a truth that enticed Adam to sin because God said that once man had eaten of the tree of knowledge that man had become like Them. Something man was not created to experience now became part of him as a conscience being.

As we previously mentioned Jesus came and reconciled the world unto our Father and part of the way he did this was by removing sin out of the equation through his own sacrifice. This though did not negate the fact that man still had the capacity to be sin conscience, only that sin no longer is a factor between us and God. The reality is that everyone who believes they can sin against God does not believe that Jesus took away the sins of the world and therefore does not believe in the finished works of Jesus on the cross and that he is not seated at the right hand of the Father. Why seated? Because as He cried out on the cross, “it is finished”, he really meant it.

Paul even teaches us in Hebrews 10 that the old sacrifices could not remove our consciousness of sin, but because of Jesus we are to have no more consciousness of sin. He calls being sin conscience as having an evil conscience. The truth is we need to stop being sin conscience and be son conscious because we are sons of God, saints not sinners. It is what we believe that separates us from God, though not a true separation but an imaginary, illusionary mental barrier that we have placed, because in reality God never turns from us or leaves us, we can just choose to believe it so. It is kind of like a group of three people where two of them are talking one to another and shunning out the third as though the third were not there. The fact they choose to ignore the third’s existence does not make it a fact that the third does not exist, but introspectively it does influence their relationship with the third.

The whole point though that I want to say about this is that there is a true reality and there is also a reality based on what we believe to be true. It is possible for these two to never meet at all and remain total opposites, but the best thing for all is where both realities totally line up the same and are as one. This is what Jesus demonstrated to us and has made it possible for everyone to simply exist in a single homogeneous truth of reality. One of the quotes I heard for years from ministers, but never understood because they would back it up with what one must do, is from Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” A strong hold is a belief. The simplest way to put this is that it is never about what we can do but what we believe. If I do not believe the truths about God and the finished works of Jesus then they will never manifest in my life as a part of me just simply being a son. The fruit of ones true identity as a son of God.

Jesus only gave one reason for the truths of God to not manifest in ones life and that was unbelief or not believing the truth. When there is a synergistic relationship between what we believe in our minds and what we believe in our hearts, lining up with the truths of God, then they bare fruit. What many call a work is not really a work but just a manifestation of believing the truth. We do not do something to prove we believe though, because that in itself is a declaration of unbelief, but things just happen because of what we believe. This temptation to prove what one believes is the very thing that the devil used on Jesus. If you are the Son of God prove it. Jesus did not give in to the temptation but overcame it because he already believed the truth. The very core or root of temptation is simply to doubt your true identity as a son. This is the whole focus of the adversary because to what ever degree he can influence one to doubt God is to the degree he can more easily use that person to influence others. Whether they profess to be an atheist or to the pastor who just preaches about an angry god and what you need to do to please him or to earn what you already have freely been given.

In learning then that many of the issues we deal with are belief (mind and heart) related I hope then what I am going to explain will build on that and help liberate you to experience a better quality of life. As a human being we tend to have two concepts when it comes to the things of God, and in general I am talking more about the finished works of Jesus but this may apply in other circumstances. You have those who are believers and those who are receivers. Receivers have the need to be a part of what is going on and what I mean by that is they feel that they always have to take an active part in completing something like completing a transaction, closing the deal or having the final say about something. Believers on the other hand simply accept the fact that something is finished and just start utilizing or walking in the circumstances.

This may be challenging to what you believe because of what you have been taught but let’s use the example of sins. John the baptist said that Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. (John 1:29) We know that Jesus fulfilled the law for righteous requirements and that the law was nailed to the cross taking it out of the way (Matthew 3:15, Colossians 2:14) Where there is no law there is no trespass. (Rom 5:13) Summing this up then, when Jesus redeemed man from the law of sin and death by his blood he did it for all men at that one time. We do not have a sin issue any more because we cannot sin since Jesus took away sin.

Now the difference here between how a believer perceives this statement about sin versus a receiver is going to be the difference between night and day when it comes to the quality of life they will experience. A receiver will have a belief issue, where many tend not to believe Jesus has totally done away with the law and therefore they are conscience of the of the law which was given to increase or strengthen sin. (1 Corinthians 15:56, Romans 5:20, Romans 6:14) A receiver will feel the need to do something to complete the finished works of Jesus in their lives. Biblically it is never stated to receive from God yet daily people are told to receive from God or receive Jesus. This is again because even in this small way a receiver has the need to be a part of what is going on. They can not accept the fact that someone has done something for them without their involvement, especially something beneficial. They tend to not have an issue like believing that Adam’s fall has affected them, though they had nothing directly to do with it, but they have a hard time believing they have been reconciled unto God through Jesus without participating in it. (Romans 5:10, Romans 5:17) The bottom line here is that a receiver in these circumstances will remain in a frustrated cycle because they will constantly try to participate in something that has been completed. They will tend to have the need to do something in order to receive any benefit from it. At some point in their mind they may believe that because they had made a decision to receive what Jesus had already given them then they can start walking in it and break the cycle of waiting for it to happen.

A believer though just simply starts walking in the benefits of what was done. In this instance the believer simply believes what the Word declares in that Jesus did away with the law for righteous requirements and we are righteous in him. A believer just accepts the fact that they have already been reconciled unto Papa and they just start experiencing life as a son of God. A believer never has to struggle with sin in their life because they accept the fact that Jesus has removed sin, and if one is not sin conscience then they can be Son conscience. Paul even tells us we are to have no more consciousness of sin in knowing that Jesus was the perfect sacrifice once and for all. (Hebrews 10:2-12) A believer simply accepts the facts as truth then and believes that everything is finished, there is nothing for them to do, and they only simply believe to participate in it. There is scripture after scripture that tells us to simply believe, which is why Christians are called believers and not doers or receivers.

All of this is a part of the mind games that the adversary tries to play on all of humanity. If the adversary can keep someone from truly believing, then they limit the fruit that will manifest in their life because they have chosen to believe they must produce the fruit instead of allowing God to do it. If we choose though to believe that there is nothing we can do to produce fruit because Jesus was competent enough to complete everything without our help, we can just plug into Jesus by believing it is finished and allow the fruit to manifest simply by resting in him.

Simply believe, only believe.


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