Are we the working bride of Christ?

     I am not sure many people really have the understanding in what it means to be the bride of Christ, or at least in relation to works and fruit. Just as when a husband is intimate with his wife the wife conceives and bares fruit in the form of a child, so we as the bride of Christ out of intimacy with Jesus will bear fruit. As Jesus said it is the Father’s good pleasure that we bear much fruit, yet many take this has we are to constantly be doing things and that is totally missing the point. When we try to do good works, produce good fruit, then we are like an adulteress who seeks to conceive outside of her husband in order to bear fruit. Much like Abraham tried to have a son not by faith but out of works.

     The only true good works or good fruit that is produced has to come from God and then manifests through us because it is born of God. We were created by him, through Him and for Him, not for what we can do but for His good pleasure. If we take our focus off of the fact that we exist to be one with Christ Jesus, in total union with him, then we look towards the direction. Again no bride can conceive or produce and bear fruit of herself but must be intimate with her husband. We see that even Jesus proclaimed that the mighty works which were witnessed that he did he said that it was not him that did them but the Father through him by Holy Spirit. And Just as the Father did many great things through Jesus now Jesus desires to do great things through us, his bride.

     Do not prostitute yourself by trying to do good works out of your own effort, which is only a testament to ones self-righteousness, but conceive through intimacy with Jesus that which causes you to effortlessly move with compassion and bear His fruit. Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Many will say, “See we are to do good works” but it says we were created in Christ Jesus unto good works. We are not to go about doing anything independent of God. Again look at Jesus, though it states he went about doing good when we see what happened those in need sought him out. He did not go door to door asking if anyone needed anything. And based on scripture we can conclude that there were times where not many good works happened because they did not seek him.

     If I were to feed a million people this is what many would consider a good work, and if we can we should. But if we fail to glorify God in the process, if we are not moved by compassion to reveal the love of God to those in need, then the only thing we have done is to prolong their death and the loss of their soul. In doing good works, if the only thing we are thinking about is doing something for good works sake then it is pointless. We should never be doing anything because we feel like it alters God’s view or opinion of us, for he fully loves every single person. Therefore if what we do only influences that which is temporal but does not cause others to glorify God then most likely one is doing it to soothe their ego. There are many philanthropists who spend billions of dollars in helping out those in need, yet if not one single person turns to God it was all for naught.

     If we though are a bride and moved by compassion that is produced in us by Jesus to reach out to those in need then we being humbled will confess that it is Christ in us that has done this wonderful thing. In all things we must give God the glory, for He truly is the only one who deserves it.


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The one thing I enjoy the most is helping people discover their identity in Jesus. As one starts to see who they really are and why they even exist it is so powerful to see them come to life as the bondage that has tied them down over years of false identity is broken off. It is wonderful to be free of guilt, shame and condemnation and experience unconditional love and a value for ones self that is solid and does not waiver based on circumstances. True liberty can only be found in Christ Jesus. View all posts by Thomas Myers

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