The Preterism Killer (Mt. 24:14)


This is the link to the actual post below, which was copied from their. This is one of hundreds of insights from the book Raptureless by Jonathan Welton

The Preterism Killer (Mt. 24:14).


I have had multiple people tell me that they haven’t taken the time to read Raptureless, but they “know what they think of preterism.”

Typically, the opinion is that some of Matthew 24 did happen in 70AD (which I agree with), BUT SOME of Matthew 24 didn’t happen in 70AD…… (I don’t agree with this).

One-Third of Raptureless is dedicated to going through Matthew 24 verse-by-verse and demonstrating that each and every verse has already been fulfilled.

The verse that holds so many people back is Matthew 24:14. “And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Most Evangelical programs have used this verse as a major catalyst to drive fundraisers for missions work. Personally, based on this verse, I used to think that once we showed the Jesus Film to the last tribe of pygmies, then finally the rapture would come.

I have come to understand that Jesus is not talking about the End of the world in Matthew 24:14, He is speaking of the End of the Old Covenant world. So Jesus declares that the “whole world” will be preached to, but the word for “world” is “Oikoumene” in the Greek, which means a localized area, not “Kosmos” which would have meant the whole planet.

Oikoumene is the same Greek word used in Luke 2:1: “Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that a census be taken of all the inhabited earth.”

The apostle Paul used this same word later to confirm four times that the gospel had reached the whole civilized world as Jesus predicted (see Rom. 1:8; 10:18; Col 1:5–6,23).

So yes, Matthew 24:14 has already been fulfilled.

Now before your fundraising program begins to fall apart, let me say, this is actually WAY BETTER NEWS!

The old idea of preaching to the whole world so that the rapture can finally come has created a program that is a mile wide and one inch deep. Yet if we can understand that our mission is actually to bring heaven into the earth, we can realize that we have a lot more work ahead of us than to simply preaching salvation. We are called to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom! We must be focused on “Discipling the Nations”!!!

If you have held back on believing that Matthew 24 is fulfilled because of verse 14, please give it another chance. It’s important that we get these things right because it shapes the foundation of our worldview



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