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Sin Is No Problem For Those In Christ

The greatest liberty one can experience is that which we have in Christ. Jesus did in fact come and he took away not just my sins, nor just yours, but the sins of the world. So you may in fact ask the obvious question, “Why is sin such a problem then? After all we see the effects of sin constantly revolving around us.” This a is very valid and true statement but the manifestation of sin in our lives does not come from the power of sin itself but merely from our lack of understanding of our righteousness in Christ. I want to touch on several things about sin so that you can rest assured that sin is not your issue as a believer but what you believe is.

To start with it is important to know and understand that people often think that they are defined by what they do and because they believe it it becomes their false reality. The fact is we are designed to function from what we believe and not by what we do. People who have not received the forgiveness of God that comes by accepting Jesus and his finished works have no problem resting in who they believe they are. Specifically what I mean is one who is not a believer in Christ goes about doing what is known as sin without any great effort because to them it is just a part of their identity. Even those who seek help in many occasions are never really set free because they are labeled by what they want to overcome. An alcoholic goes to AA and is told that they will always be an alcoholic and are encouraged to acknowledge themselves in just such a fashion. “Hello, my name is Whoever, and I am an alcoholic.” This is just total crap because by making this part of ones identity they can never get past it. But a believer has been given a new identity in Christ and therefore their quality of life can instantly change upon understanding what their new identity is.

A believer is not a sinner saved by grace though they may have sinned before receiving forgiveness through Jesus. No a believer is a saint, who sometimes because of not fully understanding their identity may occasionally make poor decisions, but it is always a decision to sin. It is not as in the days prior to the death of Jesus for the atonement of sin where sin entered one out of desire from within their heart and they had to fended off by willpower, also known has behavior modification which is commonly practiced today even in most Christian churches. Jesus overcame sin for us because man was constantly susceptible to giving in to sin.

Today sin has been defeated and one who is in Christ can choose not to sin, but the strength to make this choice easier rests in resting in God and receiving His grace. It is the grace of God which is the empowering force enabling one to experience the quality of life that God desires for us to each have. Paul taught us that the Law empowered sin and one way that this occurred is that the Law clearly defined sin, it gave it substance and Jesus clarified the Law that the Law is not just a physical action but violation of the Law starts with in the heart. In much the same way this is one way that the grace of God empowers us because it defines for us the righteousness we have received in Christ and empowers our heart to persuaded of the truth of how God sees us which is our identities in Christ.

If we struggle in this world it is only because we have not fully believed who we are in Christ and freely received His forgiveness. I can humbly say that I am learning to accept who I am based on who God alone says I am, not anyone else or even trying to receive my identity from things I have done. This has made the changes in my life effortlessly and though I am still growing in the revelation of the totality of who I am in Christ it remains effortless. There is no behavior modification tricks or the struggle of dealing with willpower or searching my inner soul for peace. In fact any change that we make to our lives through our own efforts is only going to last as long as we are willing to work at it and your life currently is proof of that. This has been a red flag to me as to whether or not the fruit that I have experienced in my life thus far was born out of intimacy with God and resting in Him or if it was just something that I tried to carry out on my own.

This revelation is not new but has been lost and as it re-emerges to be more common I believe the gospel will once again become a beautiful message that will entice the hearts of many. Just as Paul preached to all the known world in his time of ministry and was accused of turning the world upside down because how the sheer volume of people believing, I believe that when the gospel has Paul and the others taught is shared this world will again be turned upside down by the love of God. Many may say that the gospel has been taught since the first century church but I would greatly disagree with that. Even in the scriptures Paul warns the church about another gospel which is not really another gospel but a perversion of the truth. Jesus put it simply that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. This is quite effortless and yet much of what we hear today being taught as the gospel does not set us free but only simply exchanges the bondage that one is experiencing. The real gospel of Jesus will set you free and empower you, to this I can bear witness.

A wonderful fruit of all this is once you fully understand that sin is not an issue and you really start to experience your identity in Christ then the old you who was so judgmental about everyone else did ceases to exist. Paul literally said that he judged no one and in fact he did not even judge himself. Why? Because he saw everyone has God sees them. Some still lost to the fact of the forgiveness that has been extended to them and their righteousness in Jesus. Others only receiving some insight but getting lost in the world of religion. But all have the same opportunity to freely receive and experience the life that they were created for. This creates a passion not to condemn and judge but to save by loving and encouraging others and revealing the truth about their identity as children of God. It gets harder and harder for me every day to see someone in some sort of pain or turmoil and not drop everything to see if I can help. You may ask, “Well why not go ahead and do that?” I am growing still is one reason and another that I learned very quickly is not everyone wants help all the time. I do try to encourage as often as I can but I realize after going through the scriptures and seeing that in most cases those who received help, got it because they were seeking it. There are not many where either Jesus or any disciple just arbitrarily started revealing the Kingdom of God to people.



All Things Are Permissible But Not All Beneficial

1Co 10:23, “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.”

Paul said that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Living a life where the manifestation of sin is still dominate in your life because you are focused on sin is still living in bondage to sin. Being free from the Law does not benefit us if we feel a freedom to live a life contrary to the plan and purpose of God, but in being free from the Law we are free from condemnation, guilt and shame. If sin then does manifest it does not have the power over us it once had which is to drive us away from God and try to dissolve our relationship with God from our point of view. Without guilt, shame and condemnation we never have a desire to question our relationship with God and see Him in a false way as someone who is judging our value based on what we do, but know that His love for us never waivers and is always unconditional giving us a desire to not let sin rule our lives but love rule our hearts.

Nothing Is Unlawful

Nothing Is Unlawful


1Co 6:12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

1Co 10:23 All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.

The reality to Paul’s statement is this, that in Christ Jesus the is no such thing as an unlawful action towards God for the simple fact that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law for righteous requirements and we are the righteousness of Him whom we believe in by faith and not of works. That being said then there is nothing that one can do to either earn this status of righteousness through any works and therefore there is nothing one can do to lose this status by ones own efforts. However in this statement or this type of though there is also a truth that when we do things or allow our hearts to be persuaded to existing a state of disbelief about our true identities, and do or continue to do things that are contrary to God’s will and purpose for humanity then there are natural consequences.

The truth be known then if someone is constantly or regularly thinking about something they either do or believe, which prior to experiencing the benefits of salvation they know was contrary to the Law, and every time they have this thought or action which was contrary to the Law they justify this thought or action by thinking it is now ok because the Law does not exist for me, then they are a Law unto themselves. They know something is not right because it is written on their hearts, so the Law still has an influence in one’s life. Now just because we are not fulfilling the Law for righteous requirements does not mean the Law is bad, it is just that the Law has a purpose outside of righteous requirements and that is so one can experience the best quality of life possible. when we live contrary to the Law then there are also natural consequences to the decisions. If one steals then at some point they will get caught and prosecuted. If one is adulterous then they are going to have could contract diseases and experience social relationship issues.

What one does contrary to the Law which God has written on the hearts of all of humanity comes out of a wrong belief or understanding of ones true nature and identity. In other words God created us to live and experience life in specific ways and when we try to go outside of these boundaries it is because there is something in one’s life that is driving them to do so. Usually this is a result of an experience that has produced a wrong belief in their heart but can also be a result of the fact that this world has been influenced by fallen man and God’s original design became corrupt so even by birth there can be irregularities or abnormalities. This does not justify ones motive or actions but actually on the contrary in understanding this simple fact it enables one to realize that though there is something existing in one’s life contrary to original design or intent it can be corrected by believing God and experiencing the salvation of Jesus.

Another way of looking at this is if one is wanting to live a life that in some form or fashion is contrary to our intended design then usually it will build a wall up, or a stumbling block, in their relationship with God. In many cases it produces fear, guilt, shame, judgment or condemnation all of which usually drive one into seclusion in trying to cut off all forms of communication with God. One the opposite side of the spectrum I have also witnessed people who become delusional that their relationship with God is just fine because since there is no Law for righteous requirements God is always pleased with everything I do in my life. But this is basically telling God that even though you created me to experience life in its fullness one way you were wrong and I can do it my way. Paul sort of addresses this in Romans 9 when he asks the question, “Has the thing formed have a right to say why have you made me this way?” None of these things change God’s view and opinion of the person nor do they inhibit Him from reaching out or cause God to end the relationship from His end. His arms are always open and should the person realize what has happened when they change their minds to believe the truth in their hearts they are always welcomed.

The Law Reveals Sin

Rom 7:7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet.

      Paul does point out a fact about the law. Think of it this way until the law people’s lives were in turmoil from the effects of sin manifesting in their lives. This is like having a sickness without understanding that sickness in general even exists. So the law revealed to mankind what they were experiencing in their lives was a result of sin. If they had never been exposed to the law then they would not have realized that it was sin itself that was plaguing them. But just receiving the revelation that sin is what was causing this issue is not the cure. No, this is like one who is dying physically finally finding out the name to a terminal disease. There is no hope in knowing what is wrong if there is not a cure. Fortunately we have the cure through Jesus though. In him we find our true identities as sons of God and no longer slaves to sin for through him sin and its effects have been annihilated.

Sin Is Not your Problem – What You Think About Sin Is

     I could be really blunt and some this up in one scripture John 1:29  The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. What John declared is part of the simplicity of the gospel message itself and one of the most important to accept so that you can experience the quality of life that God desires for you and Jesus has given to you. Jesus is not removing your sin but sin the entered through the one man Adam has been removed and this is why we are to have no more conscience of sin. I am going to try to not write page after page of trying to show you the difference between what religion preaches in the majority of churches today as opposed the truth in the relationship that through Jesus we have been reconciled unto our Father. This is why Jesus said to call no man your father because in having been born again you have only one Father and that which has happened through the flesh ceases to be influential to your existence. The only reason this is not also ones reality or better said possibly their experience is if the have chosen not to believe the truth in their new identity whether in ignorance or defiance.

     Let me say that I am talking specifically about trespasses against God and not against one another. I will say this though that it is a fact that the only reason people sin against one another is because the person committing the offense does not have the revelation of their true identity in Christ and know experientially our Father’s love. To the degree that you understand and experience the love of God for oneself is the empowerment to see the value of others through the eyes of God. When we appreciate God’s value for humanity you will no longer look at any man in the flesh (by what they do) but through the love of God.

     Paul spoke about this very thing 2 Corinthians 5:16  Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh… If you have not understood that we through Jesus have been made free from sin then you will look at man and judge them based on what they say and do to evaluate their righteousness. But those who understand the gospel message understand that our righteousness is not based on our performance or self-righteous effort but it is a gift of God and we simply just need to realize that righteousness through Jesus is a part of our identity. Not something to attain or maintain but just walk in. I believe in this thought though lies the trap of religion in that they are always trying to make some declaration of what you must do to be instead of acknowledging who you are regardless of what you do.

     Man fell trying to do something to be like God, not believing he already was as much as he could be. The adversary used the same tactic on Jesus in trying to get him to prove his identity. Well the adversary did not stop with Jesus in that he continued on with his deception by teaching religious leaders to practice the same thing. Trying to gain their identity by being like God instead of teaching your identity as sons of God in Christ. While I mentioned a little on believing, just in case one is not aware the “unpardonable sin” that every thinks is so mystical is quite simply not believing the witness by Holy Spirit that Jesus is the Son of God and his finished works. For he who believes on Jesus shall not perish but have eternal life, which starts as soon as you believe not in the future, and this is life eternal that they may know God (be in a relationship with Him) and Christ Jesus.

    Simply another way to put all of this is that because I believe in everything Jesus there are things that happen simply because I exist and walk in my true identity as a son of God, but I can not do anything in order to attain that same identity. Jesus never did anything to prove his identity to man or the devil, but because of who he is many wonderful things occurred by his hands which bear witness to who he is. One of the things that he did then, and only he could do, was to be the final sacrifice for sin. In being the final sacrifice for sin then you must understand that sin has been removed because if sin has not been totally removed out of the picture in humanity then Jesus did not complete what he came to do. This is the reason why I stated that sin is not your problem, but what you think about sin is. If you believe that sin is even an issue to be dealt with then you will never be able to walk in the liberty that we have in Jesus. Not only will you think that there is something that you could fail at but you will also find it difficult to walk in the simple fact that since sin no longer exists the effects of sin no longer have rights to exist. To too many this becomes a humongous grey area because they evaluate the finished works of Jesus based on their experience instead of what Jesus has done for us being their experience. As in they see people sick and dying or possibly some infirmity in their own life, all of which are very real, and instead of accepting the fact that these things have no place or right to exist because sin itself has been eradicated they plead with God in hopes that He will do something. Wrong answer. We are to speak to these circumstances and declare them unlawful so the law of the Spirit of life takes over and rights the wrongs.

     Again if you believe that sin is an issue then you will never fully be able to walk in your true identity nor be able to walk in the benefits we have as sons through Jesus because you do not trust that God is competent and capable of destroying the works of man through fulfilling the violation in righteousness. I do not say these things lightly or in arrogance because everything that I talk about I have walked in or I am growing in now, and I do not claim to ever have experienced calling God incompetent myself though apparently that is what I did. I know I, nor probably you, have never thought about it that way, but by realizing this it is part of what helped me realize just where I was in my relationship with God.

     I am not saying that everyone should just go around and do anything they want, knowing that it is contrary to the nature of God which is love. Just as Jesus spoke that if we love God and our neighbors as ourselves then sin is never an issue. Love is who we are to be because we were created in the image and likeness of God. Jesus is the very image of God and one major reason is that he is the very embodiment of love. It is the desire of God that we conform to the image of Jesus which is love. But to try to become love on our own is impossible and frustrating. In order to become the love of God so we can share His love we have to receive it first by just believing in His love. Then the more that the love of God permeates your life the less sin or being sin conscience is an issue because you become love conscience.

     So if you do something that would be considered of a sin nature after believing on Jesus I want you to notice something first. Prior to believing if you had done this would you have rejoiced at your success or even cared about the consequences? But now as a believer you have noticed that you wished you had never done this same thing and this is because it is a sign that as a believer God has replaced your stony heart with a new heart and that new heart does not want to violate the love of God. So what do you do? You run to Papa and tell him thank you for forgiving you and loving you no matter what. You continue to believe in His love for you and grow in that love and then as you walk in your identity as a son you may not realize it but because your relationship with God grows stronger, and the love of God becomes the strongest attribute of your identity, sin no longer is even an issue in your life. Love is stronger than sin and the more God’s love is your life the less sin can even begin to penetrate into your life.

     Hopefully now you have realized then that sin is not an issue in your life, even if you do things that are considered sinful. The real problem is understanding your identity as a son of God and most importantly believing in the greatness and vastness of God’s love so that you are the very embodiment of God’s love just like Jesus. This is the main reason that the law is ineffective against sin because the law tries to restrain sin by behavior modification which just leads to frustration and then to lawlessness. But love conquers all.